Who Says Nothing Ever Changes In Payroll?

By Posted June 25th, 2014

payroll-toolsI was recently thinking back to my early days of running SAP payroll. Back then, we had to find workarounds and creative ways to troubleshoot, research and resolve payroll questions and problems. It could take hours – or even days – to answer some questions. In the end, even the most skilled among us had to learn how to best get to the bottom of questions that arose on a daily basis.

Some might argue that SAP payroll functionality hasn’t changed much over the years. The same questions and problems arise in payroll departments all over the world. What has changed is the tools and resources like Easy Help Desk that are available to payroll teams and users to quickly get answers to even the most complicated questions. Let’s take a real-life example to show you what I mean.

This might sound familiar to my payroll peers: The phone rings and it’s an employee. “What is this net retro of $51.93 on my check stub?” The payroll support person answering the phone must now look up the pay results in question and then research the answer. They look at the pay stub online and see the net retro amount in question. Now what?

Remuneration Statement

Next, they look up the pay results for the employee and period in question. Sure enough, they see the /552 in the amount that is appearing on the check. But, what caused that?


Looking at results can be tedious and time consuming. You have to print multiple results, lay them out and perhaps even manually calculate to identify the difference. Sometimes it can take hours or even days to untangle. There is no way that can be done quickly, especially while the employee is on the phone.

Users who have SpinifexIT Easy Help Desk (EHD) in their SAP system can solve these questions in seconds. In EHD, users are presented with a list of payroll exceptions for an employee in a specified period. The retro in question in our example is right there in front of you without having to run reports or pull up copies of payslips.


Simply click on the Detailed Pay Explanation report to see a drill down report showing all of the results from that particular payroll for the employee.


Click on the drilldown icon next to the retro entry and you will immediately see the items that made up the amount in question. Just a few clicks on a single screen and the question is answered. Few things in life are that easy.


So, to my payroll friends (and their bosses!) who think nothing ever changes in payroll, ask yourself why you’re still working the same old way when there are solutions that can simplify your life. I couldn’t go back to doing things the old way and neither should you.