What’s Behind the New Easy Reporter User Interface (Part 1)

By Posted December 5th, 2014

ui5_phoneWhat’s Behind the New Easy Reporter User Interface (Part 1)

I am often asked to describe the technologies behind the Web version of our Easy Reporter solution. I want to use this blog to begin sharing answers to some of the more common questions.

A few months ago, SAP introduced the concept of SAP Fiori together with the HR Renewal package. This solution improves the look and feel of SAP. We wanted to offer the same improved user experience to our customers, so we started analyzing the best design and technical solutions to do this.

The result of our hard work is a new interface for Easy Reporter that has been developed using OpenUI5 (previously known as SAPUI5), which is a Javascript library of components that are made available by SAP. These components are using the latest Web technologies based on HTML5 and CSS 3.0. In other words, it makes the applications look good, responsive to all devices and can run on almost any browser you prefer. And by using the same libraries of SAP, we can completely integrate our solution into their infrastructure.

The integration between this Web component and the SAP backend is done using oData, which is a protocol that is used to access data that are retrieved by Easy Reporter’s powerful reporting engine.

Since many of our customers may not yet have the latest SAP enhancement packs that are required to make our solution work on their environment, we are currently working on a solution that will allow all customers to run our application – even if they are not on the requisite enhancement pack.

In simpler terms, we used the latest technologies offered by SAP to build our next generation reporting tool.

In my next blog, I’ll go a little bit deeper into the architecture and all of the different options that are offered to our customers to use our tools and to integrate them into their own environments. In the meantime, happy reporting!