What happens when SpinifexIT’s most creative minds get competitive

By Posted October 28th, 2015

2015.10_SAP_TechEd-2Imagine using a wearable device programmed to proactively take care of you while ensuring your doctor is kept in the loop when it comes to your general well-being. You have no constraints when telling your doctor about your sudden increase in heart rate the other day and you no longer have to take repetitive tests just to check your vital signs. Imagine the convenience of scheduling an appointment with your healthcare specialist online, or visiting him without lining up and wasting your time.

This is the vision of the future that two members of our SpinifexIT Philippines team imagined when they brainstormed and brought to life “HealthMe” in 32 hours at the SAP TechEd Demo Jam challenge in Las Vegas this month. HealthMe is the brainchild of Gregory Tutt and Jonathan Jouret who won second place at this year’s contest against 13 competing teams from across the world. Donning a bathrobe to look the part of a patient, Greg explained how HealthMe’s users could benefit from its real-time heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature monitoring system. With Jon as his doctor, Greg explained how HealthMe saves the patient’s data on both his and his doctor’s records, making it easily accessible during consultations. HealthMe also offers analytics based on any given timeline which helps you and your healthcare specialist to understand any changes in your health.


Another feature enables users to reach their doctors at any given time on valid emergencies by calling them on their phones or even over video chat. Additionally, doctors have real-time data of all their patient’s vital stats. If any patient has alarming changes on their vital signs, their doctor will be immediately notified so proper help can be dispatched to the patient’s exact location, thanks to its embedded GPS tracker.


This app was created simply for the SapTechEd Demo Jam, a fun contest that was open to all those attending the session. The app is not under development in the real world setting … yet.

However, imagine the possibilities if this app really went for further development. If brought to a larger scale, this app could be your very own lifelong health record accessible by your assigned physician halfway across the world. Your full record could include an overview of foods that trigger your allergies, prescribed medications throughout your lifetime, and maintenance options. The GPS system could point you to the nearest hospital to get immediate help or could even route you to the best physician online who could help diagnose your ailment over chat. Imagine requesting your medications from your pharmacist online by sending them a copy of your official prescription and having your medications delivered to you on-time.  Everything you and your healthcare specialist need to know is recorded, stored, reported and kept by a thousand lines of codes run in the cloud.

The Philippines team sends their congratulatory remarks and cheers to Greg and Jon, and wishes them both a safe trip home.

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