What Every SAP HCM Team Needs to Know About ACA Reporting Guidelines

By Posted June 5th, 2015

5380ac1d3ee8a.imageWith the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in full effect in the US, many employers must now report health coverage that they offer to their employees. These reporting requirements became effective in 2015 and are in addition to the existing requirement to report the cost of health insurance on the W-2.

SAP HCM and Payroll customers must work throughout the year to track and gather the appropriate data to meet ACA reporting requirements. SpinifexIT solutions are used by SAP customers to identify and report on data that is critical to the ACA reporting process, including:

  • Reporting on Master Data, Payroll Results and Hours Worked
  • Identifying enrollment of employees and covered dependents
  • Calculating the average 30 hours worked
  • Creating of Interface files
  • Creating employee documents
  • Validating and auditing data

Kelly Puckett’s informative presentation What Every SAP HCM Team Needs to Know About ACA Reporting Guidelines” is a great resource that provides an outline of ACA reporting requirements and standards for SAP teams. To download a free copy, simply complete the form below.