Veering Away from The Manual: SpinifexIT Implements Employee Central

By Posted September 26th, 2016

SpinifexIT is saying goodbye to manual HR process. The company is shifting all its manually-tracked HR processes to Employee Central. With this shift, SpinifexIT is deviating from old clunky, aging steps and is now gearing towards faster, smarter and more efficient way of managing employee data and information.

Cherrie Cruz and Geoff Mendoza implementing Employee Central for SpinifexIT.

Cherrie Cruz and Geoffrey Mendoza implementing Employee Central for SpinifexIT.

With the help of Employee Central, the organization is looking forward at improving their employee database and upgrade their leave management.

The implementation project started early August of this year. The SpinifexIT Philippine office holds the most number of employee headcount; therefore, it was chosen to be the pilot group to first utilize Employee Central. It will then be followed by a series of implementation throughout SpinifexIT offices, globally.

Cherrie Cruz, Global HR of SpinifexIT said, “I am very happy to veer away from manual HR process and move slowly to automating things. From hiring, employee data maintenance and to leave management. The team behind the implementation has worked very well to ensure the smooth transition to Employee Central.”

Watch the video below and see the reaction of the SpinifexIT implementation team as for the first time they have successfully sent employee login details to the pilot group.

Watch it here!