Using SpinifexIT to produce the New York Notice of Pay Rates, Pay Days and Employee Acknowledgement Form

By Posted January 11th, 2016

As a native New Yorker (born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island) I can tell you that there are a lot of things unique to New Yorkers. For starters, we “tawk” funny, think we know more about pizza than anyone else and will brag endlessly about the Yankees.

Another thing unique to New York is the required distribution of a form called the “Notice of Pay Rates, Pay Days and Employee Acknowledgement” that is required by New York labor law.

The Department of Labor provides templates for several common types of pay agreements, including dual language notices and acknowledgements in Chinese, Haitian-Creole, Korean, Polish, Russian and Spanish. Employers may create their own notices, use or adapt the Labor Department forms, as long as the:

  • Required information appears in English and the employee’s primary language (if template available)
  • Employee receives a copy
  • Employee signs an acknowledgment of receipt and identifies their primary language to the employer
  • Employer keeps a copy of the notice and acknowledgement for six years

You can learn all of the gory details here and download a copy of the form here:

Producing any kind letter for employees used to be a hassle that involved writing custom ABAP reports to extract data and then the creating a mail merge in Microsoft Word, printing letters, mailing, etc.

With SpinifexIT, production of employee correspondence or documents from SAP is easy. You can create merges inside of SAP and leverage the built-in email functionality for distribution. You can even scan a form (like the aforementioned Notice of Pay Rates, Pay Days and Employee Acknowledgement form) and place the data where you want it when generating output that looks like the sample in the graphic shown below.


Yyou can run the documents in real-time or schedule them to run in the background and automatically emailed. You can even place documents on MSS or ESS to allow employees and managers to run their own forms. Easy Documents will save you both time and resources that could be better spent cheering on the Yankees or rushing even though you have nowhere to be.