Using SpinifexIT Easy Reporter to Create the ADP GlobalView G2

By Posted January 19th, 2016

Creating outbound HR and Payroll interfaces from SAP can be a daunting task. One of our new French customers decided to deploy ADP GlobalView and they are required to pass data from SAP to ADP via an interface. Easy Reporter is popular among customers for the creation of interfaces. Customers without Easy Reporter have to reply on ABAP development, sometimes in conjunction with the SAP Interface Workbench to create these transmissions.

For interfaces, the vendor provides a standard template that details the data that they are expecting in the format that they are expecting it. These templates can be as basic as a specification that details the field name and positional details like the sample shown immediately below.

Field Name Start Position End Position Notes
Personnel ID Number G2 1 9 Include leading zeros
Last Name 10 30
First Name 31 45
Date of Hire 46 56 In format YYYY/MM/DD
Customer # 57 60 Output X107

In the case of the ADP GlobalView G2 specification, they provide a very detailed multipage spreadsheet that includes a header record, sub-records and a footer plus hundreds of fields, tables, and info types. The interface guidelines include logic that maps the data from one system to the other. For example, ADP GlobalView G2  specifies that if the employee is in Personnel Area X that they need to output value YYYY. Furthermore, the interface has some complexity whereby it is not a pure mass file load every time it transmits. The interface is actually what’s known as a ‘delta file’ that only sends through changes (after the first transmission). So the system collecting the data from SAP must be smart enough to know what was sent last time and only send the records that are modified. The logic for this interface varies by region.

Our customer that is deploying ADP GlobalView asked if they could use Easy Reporter solution to build G2. The answer was yes, of course! The ability for a non-technical end user to create such a sophisticated interface without a reliance on ABAP technical resources, and the ability to change it as needed was a freedom well received by the customer. This is just another example of how SpinifexIT is solving customer business challenges.

If you have an interface that you want to investigate to see if it could be replaced and built instead with Easy Reporter, feel free to reach out.