Things to be thankful for: Springtime and Easy Reporter!

By Posted April 1st, 2013

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, spring is finally here!  After a long winter here in the northern US, I’m eagerly awaiting sunshine and warmth.  Each spring, I always reflect on how everything is fresh, new and full of wonder.  New for me this year was my experience of creating and participating in a recent SpinifexIT webinar that featured an innovative part of our Easy Reporter solution that can be overlooked.

When I saw my very first SpinifexIT demo as a potential client over a year ago, I recall hearing of the ability to create interfaces (HR, benefits, payroll, etc.) directly from Easy Reporter.  At that time, I filed it away in my brain as something that really piqued my interest.  Could it be true, could we REALLY create interfaces without going through the tedious, time-consuming process we’ve all come to accept as necessary?  The answer is a refreshing and resounding YES!  If you didn’t have the opportunity to attend our webinar on interface creation last week, take a moment to hop over and watch it here.  Not only is it possible to create interfaces without programming or technical skills, it is remarkably fast and easy.

The ability to create and modify interfaces without ABAP – along with all the other WOW factors – is one of many reasons why I’m so happy to be a part of the SpinifexIT family.  Being able to share the ease of use with other SAP HR/Payroll users, showing them how easy their lives can truly be – is the absolute best!

Here’s to a Happy Spring to you all. I hope you are enjoying beautiful weather and the annual renewal that comes with this season wherever you are!