The Next Generation of Employee Documents

By Posted February 17th, 2016

As many of our customers migrate to hybrid HCM landscapes that include SAP SuccessFactors applications, SpinifexIT is continuing to adapt our technology and solutions to help make that transition easier. Our solution set contains products that are designed for on-premise, hybrid and full cloud installations.

Our first solution designed purely for the cloud is called Strato and will be formally launched at the SAPinsider HR2016 conference in Las Vegas next week.

Strato is designed to help SAP SuccessFactors customers quickly produce employee documents, letters and statements directly from SuccessFactors. Our customers have told us that their users demand integrated employee documents across cloud applications for employees, managers and candidates and Strato is designed for that purpose.

There are many key features in Strato but here are a few that explain why it’s so powerful for SAP SuccessFactors users:

  • Conditional Content: Strato allows you to use logic and filters to automatically update letters with specific content so you do not have to create multiple versions of documents.
  • Reusable Content: Content can be leveraged (via a section library) across multiple templates to maintain consistency and reduce maintenance.
  • Comprehensive Data: Strato provides real-time access to SAP SuccessFactors data including employee data, manager data, recruitment information and more.
  • Robust Formatting: Strato’s rich text Editor and WYSIWYG design allows users to create elegantly formatted documents with tables, colors, graphics, formatted lists, bullets, etc.
  • Secure Access: Strato allows you to control who can create and modify documents and leverages standard SAP SuccessFactors security controls to safely retrieve employee data and generate documents.


Strato uses dynamic logic to automatically alter document content based on parameters you provide.

Strato uses dynamic logic to automatically alter document content based on parameters you provide.


To read more about Strato and to see examples of documents across the employee lifecycle that can be created with Strato, please visit

I hope you are as excited about Strato and the possibilities it offers as I am. If you’re not going to be in Las Vegas for HR2016 but want to learn more, please get in touch our team at