The New Data Quality Imperative — Is Your HCM Data Ready for the Cloud?

By Posted July 18th, 2014

HR_DATA_QUALITYThe New Data Quality Imperative — Is Your HCM Data Ready for the Cloud?

Whenever I speak with SAP customers, the topic inevitably turns to the cloud. You can’t really escape the topic if you’re in the HCM and Payroll fields these days, so it’s not surprising that it’s on everyone’s mind.

After one particularly interesting conversation at a recent ASUG meeting, it became apparent that while companies are starting to formulate their strategies for moving some or all of their HCM and Payroll processes to the cloud, there has been little discussion about the quality of their existing data. One SAP customer was fairly blunt about it when he said, “We know we have data quality issues, but our management seems to be rushing to the cloud before those issues are resolved.”

It was with these concerns in mind that I recently wrote a one-page article for SAPinsider that highlights this concern. Data quality is something that needs to be addressed regardless of whether you’re planning to make the leap to the cloud or not. But, transitioning to a hybrid or cloud model will require that you first pay some attention to your data. I have included the link to the SAPinsider article and I hope it spurs you to consider ways to monitor and clean your data.

You can read the text of the article here: