Team building and giving back – The culture of SpinifexIT

By Posted December 11th, 2012

One of the first things I noticed when I started working at SpinifexIT was the company culture. Many companies claim they “work hard and play hard”, but this company is different. Sure, we have fun, but SpinifexIT balances hard work and fun with a healthy dose of selflessness.

That’s why it was only fitting that when we were planning our annual company holiday outing this year that we chose to combine fun activities with charity. In lieu of expensive gift giving between team employees, the SpinifexIT North America team chose instead to volunteer money and time for a good cause. We sponsored and volunteered at a Habitat for Humanity home build in Atlanta, GA.

If you’re not familiar with Habitat for Humanity, it’s a fantastic organization. Habitat provides affordable homes for low-income families around the world. The homeowners and other volunteers provide labor and expertise to build the home and landscape the property. Communities benefit from the addition of new homes and those who need a step up benefit through the generosity of others.

Every single member of the SpinifexIT North America team participated in the home build on Saturday. We painted, sanded, planted, dug, and cleaned. We came away dirty and tired but much, much richer from the experience. We were also able to participate in the home dedication and to meet the new homeowner and her wonderful family. It was an exhausting yet very rewarding day.

So, while some of us may never forget (or wish to ever see again) the sight of our CEO swinging a pickaxe, we are all thankful for the chance to give back to our community. The blisters and sore muscles will go away but the memories of this wonderful experience will remain.