Taking the SpinifexIT Message to South Africa

By Posted April 1st, 2014

Mastering_HROne of my favorite parts of my job is planning, organizing and attending face-to-face events with our customers and industry leaders. I’ve spent over 17 years working with SAP as a consultant, practitioner and marketer, so I’ve made a lot of friends in the industry. Conferences and events are a great place to catch up, get updated on the latest trends and maintain those industry connections. They’re also a great place for me to share the latest happenings at SpinifexIT and I’ve been known to be pretty passionate about that, too.

So, it goes without saying that I’m really excited to be attending the Mastering SAP HR & Payroll conference in Johannesburg next week with our partner Adapt IT. The changing HCM landscape right now makes attendance at these events so critical for HCM and Payroll professionals. We’re all going to be faced with key decisions in the coming months and years and there’s no better way to prepare for those decisions than to get the latest messages and education from SAP, SuccessFactors, and top industry leaders. The speaker lineup at this event is impressive and includes Luke Marson, David Ludlow, Jeremy Masters, Amy Grubb, Tracy De Abreu and more.

What’s the latest from SuccessFactors? What do you need to know about cloud payroll? Will Luke Marson’s vintage orange shirt make an appearance? These are all valid questions I’m looking forward to answering next week. For my friends and colleagues in South Africa, I look forward to spending a few days of education and networking with you in Joburg next week.