Strato Empowers Recruiters To Focus on Hiring the Right Talent

By Posted July 7th, 2016

There are 11 steps in a standard Recruitment Process.

Most Recruiters spend an average of 37 days to fill in a mid-level job requirement. The total annual recruitment cost may reach up to $266,000 for hiring delays, productivity loss, agency contracts and getting the wrong people. The numbers increase when the need for top-level talents and multiple resources pile up. Aside from having a vacant post for a long time, recruitment also takes up managers’ and specialists’ time spent on interviews and evaluations. This leads to adding more workload to those involved, thus leading to a lack of motivation and engagement.

Recruiters spend around 50% of their time preparing documents, routing letters, creating reports and following up feedback from their partners manually. Imagine the possibilities if the time spent on these tasks are reduced to just a few minutes.

With Strato, your Recruiters can experience a recruitment process that’s 100% digital. Strato with AdobeSign or DocuSign integration significantly cuts recruitment time, effort and costs by shortening key recruitment steps to just a few clicks.

Enabling Recruiters to automate their processes by eliminating significant amounts of admin tasks empowers them to get the right talent for your company and in turn, focus on what they do best.

Know more about this feature: Strato – A Recruitment Process that’s 100% Digital.

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