SpinifexIT to be Platinum Sponsor at HR 2013

By Posted December 6th, 2012


SpinifexIT To Be Platinum Sponsor at HR 2013

ATLANTA, Georgia (December 6, 2012) –

SpinifexIT is proud to announce that it will serve as Platinum Sponsor of the HR 2013 conference scheduled to be held at the Bellagio Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, February 26-March 1, 2013.

In addition to sponsoring the event, SpinifexIT solution experts Danielle Larocca and Brigid Sternberg have been selected to deliver several educational sessions about SAP HR and Payroll at HR 2013. Their sessions include:

3 Steps to Ensure a Fast and Easy W-2 Reconciliation Process at Year-End
Tuesday February 26, 2013

Ensure Accurate and Meaningful Employee Analyses With These Expert PA Configuration Tips
Tuesday February 26, 2013

Overcome Your Most Frustrating HR and Payroll Reporting Challenges Using SAP Query
Tuesday February 26, 2013

“We’re thrilled to serve as sponsor of HR 2013,” said SpinifexIT’s Director of Marketing, AJ Whalen. “Year in and year out, this is a ‘must attend’ event for every organization that runs SAP HR and Payroll. SpinifexIT is excited to demonstrate our continued commitment to making SAP HR and Payroll faster and easier.”

SpinifexIT maintains global headquarters in Melbourne, Australia, North American headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and EMEA headquarters in London, UK. SpinifexIT produces software solutions that make SAP HR/Payroll faster and easier for companies all over the globe. SpinifexIT solutions like Easy Reporter, Easy Documents, Easy Help Desk and Easy Clone are used by hundreds of companies and thousands of users every day.

AJ Whalen, Director of Marketing