SpinifexIT Solutions Compliance to the EU General Data Protection Regulation

By Posted July 14th, 2017

SpinifexIT Solutions for SAP & SAP SuccessFactors help you ensure your organisation’s compliance to the EU GDPR.

Major changes will be applied to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) starting May 25, 2018. Organisations are advised to ensure that their data management systems, especially Employee Records, are 100% compliant before the due date to avoid the risk of penalties which range from 4% of your organisation’s annual global turnover, or 20 Million Euro, whichever is greater.

This change in requirement may require you to update or reconfigure your current HRIS, and conduct a series of tests to get it right. These activities may take a lot of time, effort, and cost to perfect.

SpinifexIT customers, and those who are looking into our value-add business optimisation solutions for SAP and SAP SuccessFactors are assured that SpinifexIT’s range of solutions are compliant with the new EU GDPR.

SpinifexIT solutions can easily provide information in a commonly used electronic format – Our payroll & HR reporting solution, Easy Reporter, can output to numerous basic file formats (CSV, PDF, Excel, etc.).

Employee full lifecycle documents can be generated from the SAP Web UI via Easy Documents and downloaded as a PDF. These can also be accessed and read directly from the SAP SuccessFactors dashboard and can be retrieved as a PDF document or an e-mail attachment via Strato On-Demand Document Generation.

This gives an employee a way to export their employee records, retain a copy, and use it for legal purposes outside of work (ie. other employment, visa application, bank application, etc.)

Our Solutions have self-service options to reduce the effort and time spent around employee requests. This way, employees can have access to their documents at any time, wherever they are. Using an integrated Web Reporting option, Easy Reporter and Easy Documents allows employees to run their own reports and documents on the go.

Documents made and published through our Strato On-Demand Document Generation solution may also be accessed through a widget placed in the user’s SAP SuccessFactors dashboard.

Technical and organisational measures to protect the data are in place. SpinifexIT solutions are accessed via single-sign on (SSO). This means they have to log-in to their respective accounts in SAP or SAP SuccessFactors. Our solutions follow the roles and authorisations set on their accounts – this means they can only access documents and reports that are available for their user type and role.

This clause also covers that employee information should only be used for its intended purposes. To remain compliant, organisations who use their employees’ data for test and training are required to anonymise their entries to disallow information exposure. Our solution, Easy Clone, can scramble any data for testing, training and system development purposes – this means that an employee’s real data will not exposed during these periods.

Our solutions get information from SAP and SAP SuccessFactors directly. Information from these data sources are only accessed when the user is logged in to SAP. SpinifexIT solutions do not save copies of the data generated during the session.


SpinifexIT Solutions has the ability to read data sources within SAP HCM and SAP SuccessFactors. This enables its users to report on important employee information directly from the master data. With our integrators, we can also gather information stored in Employee Central, Recruiting and other modules. One of our solutions, Easy Reporter, can also source data from other 3rd party systems using its powerful file import capabilities.

Our solutions can be accessed through single-sign on, which means that employees can only view and run reports and documents they have authorisations on.

While our solutions are EU GDPR compatible, we strongly advise organisations who outsource their HR and Payroll requirements or have shared services in other non-EU countries to check their internal policies, and the policies of their HR & Payroll partners.

It has always been our commitment to adapt to our customers needs. We do a thrice a year release to future-proof our solutions and  make sure that we are able to address the most recent user demands.  We also send out emergency transports / patches to fix immediate concerns.

Upgrading your HR & Payroll management systems? On your way to migrating to SAP SuccessFactors EC & ECP while remaining compliant to the EU GDPR? Let us know how we may help you. Send us a note at info@spinifexIT.com and we’d be glad to schedule a solutions demo with you.