SpinifexIT 2016 Q3 Release

By Posted August 15th, 2016

MELBOURNE, (15 August 2016) – As the leading provider of business process enhancement solutions for SAP and SuccessFactors, we are excited to announce our 2016 Q3 software release. SpinifexIT is always committed to bringing new functionality in order to improve your SAP and SuccessFactors business. This release contains key enhancements and innovative features that can advance the performance of our top SAP HCM and Payroll Solutions.


The enhancements in the 2016 Q3 release include:


  • Easy Reporter is now provided with enhanced statistical reporting  capability that allows calculation of median  at subtotal level.
  • Extended trending options give users additional selection settings in choosing custom headings for trend reporting.
  • Enhanced tab control for Dates and Employee Selections allows users to better control what tabs are displayed when executing report or generating a document.


  • The new interface mapping functionality provides more flexibility when creating interface files.
  • Improved fixed length for delimited file enhances interface file output.


  • Menu Unique Name option allows more control on report and document naming.
  • Report locking capability stops editing of reports and documents and put them in locked mode.
  • With the new Delta File , you can now rerun report for subset of employees
  • Transport exclusion flexibility gives users more control on adding or excluding variants during transport.
  • Microsoft Word is now available as one of the editors for Easy Documents. With this new feature, creation of documents in all languages is now possible in Easy Documents.


  • Fields from SuccessFactors can now be translated into different languages
  • UI5 can now run as SuccessFactors tile.
  • A flexible display option in Easy Reporter has been added for reporting SuccessFactors fields.

Check out our release video below:

Watch it here!

We hope you enjoy these new features and enhancements!

About SpinifexIT

SpinifexIT is an SAP partner and global leader in the production of SAP-certified business process improvement software. SpinifexIT solutions increase a user’s ability to access and optimise their most important HR and Payroll data. With a global headquarters in Melbourne, Australia and regional offices in Atlanta, Charlotte, London, Singapore and Manila, SpinifexIT produces software solutions for SAP and SuccessFactors HCM & Payroll for companies all over the globe. Learn more about SpinifexIT’s solutions at www.spinifexit.com.

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