SpinifexIT solutions allow HCM, Payroll and IT users to quickly copy current and historical employee data and results between clients to support testing, issue resolution, or training. Our cloning solutions copy SAP HCM employee records from one environment to another without compromising the security and protection of your data.

Reduce Testing Efforts

SpinifexIT data cloning solutions for SAP HCM can help you streamline your testing processes by substantially decreasing the time it takes to generate valid test data.

Lower Audit Risk

Copying employee data from one system to another can pose an audit risk due to possible exposure of sensitive data. SpinifexIT solutions allow you to scramble and mask sensitive fields and results as you copy them to protect the confidentiality of your employee data.

Enhance Shared Services

SpinifexIT’s cloning solutions are integrated with our HCM shared services offerings to enable agents and support personnel to quickly copy and clone records when troubleshooting. This eliminates the need to involve costly IT resources to copy data and results in faster issue resolution.