Simplifying SAP HR/Payroll Batch Reporting and Distribution

By Posted November 11th, 2014

Gallo_112014I’ve noticed that when it comes to payroll posting reporting, reports are often divided up and distributed to many stakeholders. In my experience, there are usually accountants that are responsible for a certain area of the business. Many posting reports that are produced also need to be separated out by perhaps a personnel area, a cost center or even a G/L account.

Our Easy Reporter solution addresses these distribution needs. For example, with Easy Reporter, you can create a posting report for your whole company and then add a distribution list so Accountant A only got cost centers 12345 -12348 and Account B got the rest.

I’ve found that some companies also need a history of all of this data. Some of our customers have 100,000 plus employees, and no matter how fast and great any reporting solution is, pulling posting data for 100,000 employees takes time.

Easy Reporter addresses this by running the report data, breaking it out and saving it to a location in a batch manner for later viewing.

Let’s take a look at our example below. I have posting data from a point in time and I want to save data into files that represent the detail for an individual G/L account. This can be easily done with Easy Reporter even though we are running just one report.

Easy ReporterIn Easy Reporter, any field in your report – or combination of fields – can be used as a separator to create batch type files and placed in the location of your choosing.

Output to a fileWhat you end up with is an individual output file (such as a spreadsheet) for each G/L account that contains the detail records that correspond to it.

Batch files generated by Easy ReporterThis is a simple way to run data that you may not be using today. It eliminates time-consuming manual data manipulation. When you need the data, simply go where you saved it and pull up the spreadsheet to get what you were looking for.

Happy Reporting!

Batch spreadsheet with data