Solution Training

SpinifexIT offers a wide variety of training services to meet your company’s size and requirements. Your team will gain fantastic insights into how to use your SpinifexIT solutions to make your SAP and SAP SuccessFactors reports, documents and shared services processes operate at peak efficiency.

On-Site Report Creation

If your organization doesn’t have the capacity to produce the reports you need, a SpinifexIT specialist can visit your site and create the reports you require on the spot. SpinifexIT’s expert resources can fill in where staff members are unavailable or when they are asked to resolve unfamiliar or complex reporting questions.

Remote Report Creation

Many companies today have embraced remote support and technology. SpinifexIT is no different. If you choose, SpinifexIT consultants can access your systems remotely to assist in the creation of the SAP and SAP SuccessFactors reports and employee documents your business demands.

Business Process Workshops

Business process workshops help you identify new ways to leverage SpinifexIT to streamline your most challenging business requirements. A few examples of processes that can be improved through SpinifexIT workshops include payroll and tax reconciliations, deduction processing, recurring report production, and pre- and post-pay exit processes.