RICEFW Follow-up: Have you ever worked on a FRICE or RICEFW Log?

By Posted September 30th, 2015

cv6uDolPWhen embarking on a new project or system implementation, one of the key items created is known as a FRICE or RICEFW Log. This document lists all of the main elements that require consideration as part of the new system/protocol or process. The letters in RICEFW are based on an acronym that represents Reports (R), Interfaces (I), Conversions (C), Enhancements (E), Forms (F) and Workflow (W).

I was responsible for maintaining the FRICE log during my first SAP HCM project many years ago. In that project, we had a detailed protocol to ensure that items on the FRICE log were actually required as part of the new system and not just a list of reports, forms and interfaces that were used in the old process. The single biggest mistake companies make when creating FRICE logs is to do so based on their current process. The reason why you are putting in a new system is often because the current process is not working, is not scalable or is not helping the business achieve its goals, so why replicate it?

I distinctly recall the Payroll Manager explaining that the most important report that she needed in our new SAP HCM system was a printed list of every employee, sorted alphabetically, with their Social Security Numbers. I inquired why this report was so critical and she explained that in the legacy system, she needed to look up each employee up by their SSN. I explained that in the new system, this was not required. She would be able to look someone up by name or other criteria without the SSN. Thankfully, that report did not make it on the project FRICE log, but you can see the learning curve that needs to take place.

Here are some sample reports that are often found on a RICEFW log. All of these can be run using SpinifexIT solutions:

  • Missing Master Data Details Report
  • Headcount and Turnover Analysis
  • Vendor Benefits Interface
  • Automated Email notification
  • Total Compensation Statement
  • Payroll Reconciliation Reports
  • W-2 Forms
  • Open Vacancies by Recruiter
  • Time to fill Open Positions by Source

I still work with FRICE logs because our SAP HCM and SuccessFactors customers often share their logs with me and ask if we can help them eliminate programming or ABAP, SAPScript etc. when producing key reports, forms, documents and interfaces. In nearly every case, we are able to assist. To learn more, check out our earlier post on RICEFW here:  http://www.spinifexit.com/2015/09/02/winning-the-ricefw-battle/.