Reducing Payroll Stress All Year Long

By Posted August 1st, 2014

Summer is my favorite time of the year. This is nothing new – it spans back to childhood. Summer as a kid meant enjoying the sunshine and going swimming with friends without a care in the world. As an adult, I still love summertime, especially the warm weather, (no snow!), relaxing with friends at a barbeque, and vacations.

As a payroll professional, summer has always been a time when I didn’t have to fret about year-end tasks. I left that for fall, and the frenzy that undoubtedly happened as we approached W-2’s. If I had only known back then that I could prepare for year-end throughout the year, I might have even learned to love winter. OK, I’d still dislike snow … who am I kidding!

SpinifexIT recently rolled out a new release of Easy Balance. With this latest release, US payroll users can easily keep everything in check all year long. Easy Balance is full of reports and documents to make the life of a payroll professional easier. We have added a report to help you reconcile your 941 submissions including the ability to track who hit the $200K max during the quarter and how much (i.e., the .009 rate that goes along with it). It’s also now easier to keep an eye on new hires throughout the year so you can know that they are set up correctly with regards to taxation. Easy Balance’s documents capability means users can share a professional document that explains an employee’s tax elections (withholding, additional amounts, etc.) or a document (like the example below) that fully explains their W-2 to them.

Easy Balance

All of these reports and documents can either be scheduled in advance or emailed to the right people for review – giving you exception-based reporting – so you don’t have to review each and every person.  Better yet, you can put the documents in the hands of your employees by making them available in your ESS to keep them fully informed throughout the year.

All of this leads back to summer. Easy Balance allows payroll users to enjoy summer. And fall, spring and winter, too. Reconciling throughout the year reduces the stress of year-end and makes for more accurate payroll and tax filing and reporting. We hope you will check out one of our webinars or request a demo for your company to see more about Easy Balance. In the meantime, I’m off to enjoy a beautiful summer evening!