Quick Solutions: Mastering Date Specification Reporting

By Posted November 5th, 2012

Mastering Date Specification Reporting

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in the Personnel Administration module of SAP HR knows about infotype 0041.  This infotype stores important dates related to an employee’s tenure at your company.  Typical dates stored in infotype 0041 include Hire Date, Adjusted Service Date, 401K Vesting Date, etc.  These dates are important because key employment items such as benefits eligibility and 401(k) employer contribution percentage are often calculated using these dates.  If the dates are wrong, you can end up with a master data inconsistency or, worse yet, a payroll issue.

Standard SAP reporting tools such as Ad-Hoc Query or SAP Query are not the easiest ways for an end-user to audit this data.  Observe the example below.  If we look at Ria Gregory’s record, we can see that Ad-Hoc Query does output all the dates and date types on her infotype 0041.  However, this data is not really usable in a real world report.  I can’t get one record per person that simply shows that she is an Active Staff employee with a column for Hire Date and Vesting Date.  I get multiple lines which can be arduous to sort through.

SpinifexIT’s Easy Reporter helps users solve this problem.  Easy Reporter allows users to easily define columns for your dates on infotype 0041.  In the example below, I’ve added a column for a specific date type from infotype 0041 to my Easy Reporter settings.  This allows me to define the date type from infotype 0041 that I wish to display in that column.  Here I’m using Date Type 40 which corresponds to my hire date in our system.

By adding these fields as columns in my report, I can then get the report I was looking for. I am able to create report output that contains one row per person with their Employee Group, Subgroup, Hire Date and Vesting Date all on a single line.  In addition, with Easy Reporter I can filter out those who are missing Vesting Date or Hire Date date types to keep my data consistent and accurate. This will in turn help decrease payroll issues related to date types and values.

With Easy Reporter, users can easily insert columns that work like this not just for infotype 0041, but also for items like payroll results, addresses, and quotas. We’ll see examples of those and more in future “Quick Solutions” posts in the SpinifexIT blog. If you have questions about this or other features of Easy Reporter, please let us know and we will be happy to show you the solution in more detail!