Quick Solutions: Easily Report on Subtypes

By Posted January 2nd, 2013

Easily Report on Subtypes

Many areas of SAP ERP HCM use the concept of subtypes to break down different infotype records by a specific key.  This key is used as the type of identifying record.  For example, on the address infotype we can have subtypes such as Permanent Residence, which would be the employee’s primary residence or the subtype of Mailing Address which could be different from where the employee actually lives.  The Emergency Contact subtype is popular, too.  The nice part about subtypes is through configuration, you can tell the infotype how many records at a time, per subtype, can be in effect on an employee’s record.  For example, you would only want one permanent address record active for an employee at a given time, but you may allow them to have multiple emergency contacts.  It’s a cool concept that has been part of SAP’s HCM hierarchy since the beginning.

Many users have problems when attempting to report on subtypes using the standard SAP reporting tools.  When reporting using Ad-Hoc or SAP Query, you can output the record and the subtype, but the standard reporting tools treat them as two separate records. That means you get output for each record.  Below, you’ll see an example of the address report below that was run using Ad-hoc query.

For most reports this is fine, but when we look at subtypes on other infotypes, the reporting becomes difficult.  Below is a report of infotype 0105 which contains the employee’s user name and email address.  This is a fun infotype as it doesn’t store the value (the user ID and email address) in the same field.  User ID is stored in “ID/Number” and email is stored in “Long ID/Number.  This makes it very difficult to report your data and audit it.  You aren’t able to just filter this report to find out who has a User ID stored but does not have an email address due to the nature of the way SAP stores and outputs the data.

SpinifexIT has built standard functionality into our Easy Reporter solution to help overcome these reporting challenges.  Easy Reporter allows you to break out fields in your reporting by subtype.  Below you can see that in Easy Reporter, we have a folder under the infotype 0105 folder called “Predefined Communication fields”.

What Easy Reporter does is read your configuration for infotype 0105 and create a folder for each of the subtypes you have.  This allows you to treat each subtype as a separate set for fields.  Let’s assume, for example, I want to report the User ID field for the User Name and the User ID (Long) for the email address.

I can now get the information I’m looking for one line in my report.

These predefined folders exist for many infotypes in Easy Reporter, including infotype 0006 as well.  As you can see, this is a better way to report infotypes that have subtypes.  There are more subtype capabilities in Easy Reporter, but we will cover that in a future post.  Happy Reporting!