Quick Solutions: Easily Report on Subtypes, Part 2

By Posted January 21st, 2013

Easily Report on Subtypes, Part 2

In a previous post, I explained how SpinifexIT Easy Reporter makes it easy to report on subtypes using the pre-delivered folders.  In case you missed it, you can read that post here.

This post continues the discussion of reporting on subtypes with Easy Reporter. When reporting on more complex infotypes with Easy Reporter, we have other ways of reporting on the different subtypes of an infotype.  In this example, I will show how to report the employee costs from the Dental and Medical plan stored on an employee’s infotype 0167.  On this infotype, SAP considers the “Plan Type” to be the subtype.  This makes sense because we can configure the time constraints on the subtype. It also us to only be enrolled in one type of medical plan and one type of dental plan at a time as shown below.

Unlike our previous post, under infotype 0167 there is no folder for each different plan type as there was a folder for each different communication type on infotype 0105.  However, what we can do to report on a more complex subtype like this is drag two instances of the EE Cost Amount field on the report.

Once we have done that, I can set the subtype (Benefit Plan Type) that I wish Easy Reporter to read for that field under the column selection for each field.  For the first column, I will select the DENT plan type and for the second column I’m going to select the MEDI plan type.  I will label the headings for my fields to display something meaningful like ‘Dental EE Cost Amt’ and once I’ve done that, we are done.  I’ve quickly created a report that reports the employee cost amount for our medical and dental plans.