Quick Solutions: Adding External Data to a Report in Easy Reporter

By Posted June 25th, 2013

Adding External Data to a Report in Easy Reporter

The results of our last SpinifexIT User Group survey indicated that many of our customers are interested in learning new and creative ways to use their SpinifexIT solutions. So, in response to our customers’ requests and to show potential customers the strengths of our solutions, this month’s blog is a “How To” tutorial that details a popular way to use Easy Reporter to report on data from SAP and data from outside sources.

Easy Reporter allows users to import data from a local file to include on a report. Why would users want to do this? Local files are often used for comparing data from either a different payroll system (such as during an implementation) or for performing comparisons such as a ‘before and after’ report when testing the impact of a newly installed SAP Support Pack.

The most important thing to understand about using outside data with Easy Reporter is that the external file must include a unique field that also exists in your SAP report (a key field).

Let’s take a look at an example. To show you how and why this might be done, I’ve created a report that has employee number (PERNR), birth date, gender and hire date on it. I also have some data I would like to upload from a local PC file, so I need to include a blank column on the report for that data. I set up a “concatenate” column with no settings in it as a temporary blank field.

Adding Report Columns

I then created a Microsoft Excel file with 1 line per employee containing the data I want to upload. In this example, the spreadsheet only has two columns: employee number and the external data field values I wish to upload. No column headings are necessary in my spreadsheet. It’s worth noting that you must save the Microsoft Excel file as a Tab Delimited file. A normal Microsoft Excel .xls file format will not work.

External file example

Next, in my report settings, I instruct Easy Reporter to import data from the local file.

Importing the external data

Then when the report runs, it picks up the data from SAP and from the local PC file I specified.

Report with SAP and external data

The report now includes the data from my Easy Reporter report and the data from my external spreadsheet file all in a single line, directly inside SAP.

If you are not already using Easy Reporter, we are always happy to show you more in person or in a live webinar for your team. The possibilities for improving your SAP HR/Payroll reporting are endless!

If you’re already a customer, more details on this process can be found in Chapter 15 of your Easy Reporter manual. As you know, we take great pride in the quality of our manuals. I heard they were written by a best selling (and not too modest) SAP author!