Use Easy Documents
On-Premise or Hybrid

Easy Documents generates comprehensive, real-time employee documents in both on-premise and hybrid landscapes. This means that both on-premise SAP HCM users and hybrid SuccessFactors users can take full advantage of Easy Documents’ powerful document generation capabilities.

Access Your
Documents Anywhere

With Easy Documents, you can access and run documents from SAP or from web browsers, mobile devices, self-service portals, HR Renewal portals or even from SuccessFactors. You can create employee documents nearly anywhere.

Add Pictures,
Charts or Graphs

With Easy Documents, you can easily incorporate charts and graphs based on your report data and you can include pictures, logos, or signature files to create professional looking documents.

Create Consolidated Management Reports and Documents

Easy Documents allows you to combine data and calculations from multiple reports into a single document or format to produce truly meaningful management reporting dashboards. Combining multiple reports saves valuable time and greatly reduces manual effort.

Employee Forms

Easy Documents allows you to pre-populate and output key employment forms and documents, including standard benefits, tax or regulatory forms, saving employees time and effort and speeding processes such as employee on-boarding.

Eliminate Custom
Code and Merges

Easy Documents allows you to easily run reports and calculations, segment data, and create documents without using custom code. This eliminates the need to extract data to Excel, Word or Access for manual merges or manipulation and protects the integrity of your data.