PRESS RELEASE – Toronto, November 21, 2011

By Posted November 22nd, 2011

Avenue HR, a leading North American SAP HCM consulting firm, today, has suddenly just made SAP HR/Payroll a lot Faster and Easier.

Avenue HR has announced a partnership for the North American market with SpinifexIT, a company specialising in the production of Business Process Improvement software for SAP ERP software specifically designed for the HR/Payroll module.

Avenue HR is now a provider of the SpinifexIT SAP products, Easy Reporter©, Easy Documents©, Easy Help Desk© and Easy Clone©. SpinifexIT has built a strong customer base in the Asia-Pacific region, North America and Europe and is partnering with Avenue HR to further expand its presence in the US and in Canada. As a leading HCM SAP specialist in North America, Avenue HR will have a significant positive impact on bringing SpinifexIT’s products to market. The SpinifexIT products increase the accuracy and efficiency of the support of SAP HCM solutions, especially payroll; and those customers who have implemented the products have benefited from a reduction in trouble shooting time for payroll support teams of up to 80%.

Frederic Van Bellinghen, Avenue HR Founder and President said, “The partnership offers SAP customers in North America the opportunity to streamline their HR and payroll operations. Already successfully deployed across many countries, our partnership cements the penetration of SpinifexIT into the North American HCM payroll market. Our companies have a shared vision for excellence and business process improvement for customers using SAP HR and Payroll.”

Shad Adair, spinifexIT North America CEO said, “Our partner philosophy is to team with specialized SAP HR and Payroll companies who understand the unique business challenges that our clients face in day to day operations. Together, we share common commitment and passion to delivering solutions that drive out unnecessary complexities and costs. We are very excited to partner with Avenue HR in bringing relevant innovations to the HR and Payroll community.”