My Bucket List – Completing a Lifelong Journey

By Posted October 16th, 2013

bucketlistIn the 2008 movie “The Bucket List”, Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman play two men trying to complete a wish list of accomplishments before they die. Since that movie was released, it seems that everyone has embraced the concept of the bucket list. I’m no different (at least that’s what I tell myself), but we’ll get to my personal list in a minute.

I love bucket lists because they’re uniquely individual. I bet many of us would put similar tasks like “skydiving” or “climb Everest” on our bucket lists, but beyond some common items, bucket lists are a fascinating look into what interests, drives or motivates us. Next time you’re taking part in a social meeting or playing ice breaker games, ask someone what’s on their bucket list. The best part? There are no wrong answers. You might just learn more than you expected about someone.

Unlike Nicholson and Freeman, my bucket list (thankfully!) wasn’t driven by an illness or catastrophic event. Mine is driven by a love of the sport of baseball that I inherited from my father many years ago. To say that baseball was a popular subject in my home growing up would be an understatement. So, it follows that my bucket list relates to baseball. My bucket list goal is to travel to – and see a game at – every major league team’s home stadium.

There are no wrong answers. You might just learn more than you expected about someone.

That sounds easy, right? But when you consider that there are 30 teams across North America, it’s been a challenge. Each time I visit a new team, I cross it off my list. I started with my beloved Fenway Park many years ago and have slowly worked my way down the list. Yankees? Check. Mariners? Check.

This summer I took my daughters to visit stadium number 23 on my list: Anaheim (enlarge the map below to see which cities remain ‘unchecked’ on my list … they’re the markers in blue). My girls humor my obsession with baseball in much the same way I humor their obsession with One Direction. But, it still makes me happy to bring them along for the ride. Baseball is as much a part of their upbringing as it was mine.

List of Stadiums Visited (Red = Visited, Blue = Not Yet)

If your bucket list is truly a window into your interests, then it’s clear that my interests revolve around sports and travel. As I get closer to the end of my list, I’ve started to wonder how bittersweet it will be to visit stadium number 30. Does that mean there’s nothing left to accomplish? Not likely. I think I’ll start a new bucket list. Maybe then I can set out to visit all 18 Aussie Rules Football teams …