Maximise Your SpinifexIT Products And Get Help Fast!

By Posted August 10th, 2017

Have you visited the SpinifexIT Customer Care Portal yet? In case you missed it, we’ve launched our online Customer Care Portal last March and since then, we’ve received positive feedback from delighted customers who can:

  • Quickly and easily access our searchable user guides
  • Find solutions to their questions across our knowledge base without breaking a sweat and
  • Get their issues resolved faster sans multiple e-mail exchanges through our support ticketing system

Our Online Customer Care Portal also contains our release notes, tips and tricks to get the most out of our solutions, best practices, links to our webinars and more.

We’ve made a new walkthrough video which shows how you can register and start using our online customer care portal in no time.


Register now!

The registration process is free for all SpinifexIT customers. It only has 3 easy steps you can do in less than 3 minutes. If you encounter any registration related issues, please contact us at and we’ll assist you right away!

SpinifexIT Customer Care Team