Making the Most Out of Our Mobile Device Addictions

By Posted March 18th, 2015

Making the Most Out of Our Mobile Device Addictions

Becky'sBlog03:18:2015Have you ever left your house without your phone and the only thing you can focus on is “Where is my phone? Where is my phone?” Our phones are our lifelines. They are the first thing we reach for in the morning and the last thing at night. Families can’t even seem to have dinner anymore without half (or more) of the members with their noses buried in their phones.

Being without your mobile devices can be enlightening, but it can also cause you to feel disconnected. A recent Forbes article described this sensation as FOMO, or the “Fear of Missing Out”. If you feel this way, you’re obviously not alone.

So how do we make the most out of our technology? There are ways to maximize the time we spend with our technology. To help our users be more productive, SpinifexIT recently released a new UI5 interface for Easy Reporter and Easy Documents that extends the reach of our solutions to mobile devices.

By making reports and documents more accessible to employees and managers who use them, the new Easy Reporter UI5 interface makes it easier to keep staff in the know. Employees and managers can view their reports and documents when and where it’s convenient.

It was exciting to see the reaction to the UI5 release at the recent HR2015 conference in Las Vegas. Because the new UI5 interface is not dependent on a particular release or enhancement pack, our customers can roll it out at any time.

It’s an exciting time for SAP HCM and the new technology like our UI5 interface. Now, if only I can learn to put my phone down more often to actively participate in real life…

Keep an eye on the SpinifexIT Events Calendar for upcoming webinars that showcase UI5. We’re excited to share more information with you and your team!