I’ve Got The Summertime Blues

By Posted July 10th, 2014

SummerHave you ever gotten the urge to sneak away from the office a little early on a Tuesday just to get outside and enjoy the weather?  While working from home can be a great experience, it can also give you a bit of the summer time blues.  Living next to a high school and the neighborhood playground, there is always a soccer game, baseball game, football practice, kids riding their bikes, people walking dogs, or kids climbing the jungle gym outside my window.  I have even seen kids flying personal drones around the open fields!

All this activity makes me want to stretch my legs and go play outside like when I was little. We left the house after breakfast and didn’t come home until the street lights were on.  Mom had no clue where we were, but she wasn’t worried or hovering over us.  Back then we had no cell phones to track our locations, no tablets to play games on (I still love you Candy Crush!), and no HBO to binge-watch “Orange Is the New Black”.  Just pure and innocent fun outside in the fresh air.

Enjoying the sunshine and watching kids play is one of the great joys in life.  But alas, I sit in my office with my back to the window to avoid temptation. However, I can still hear the cheering, laughing, dogs barking, and occasional “someone-fell off the slide” scream over the day-to-day routine of phone calls, Skype chats, online meetings, and bottomless emails that seem to come in faster than I can read them.

All this makes me stop and realize that while work can be your priority, it doesn’t have to be your entire life.  Go watch that little league baseball game for few innings, get on a swing and kick your legs in the air to see how high you can go, walk your dog and meet new people. The point is to just get outside and don’t let the summer pass you by!  Fall and winter will be here all too soon and those of us in the payroll world know that year-end is not far away.

So get on out there this summer and enjoy the weather while you can.  Your body and mind will thank you!  Wait, what’s that sound???  It’s the ICE CREAM truck! Gotta run…….