It’s Time We Show Some Love to Our PETS

By Posted November 10th, 2014

Last week, I had a great breakfast meeting with Cathy Tornbohm, Vice President at the analyst firm Gartner and you’ll never guess what we discussed: PETS.

No, not the sort of tail-wagging 4-legged species that we all love dearly. If you’re reading this and you or your organisation run SAP ERP or SuccessFactors, the topic of PETS should have your undivided attention and love.

In the Gartner report “Market Trends: Cloud Business Process as a Service Outsourcing Trends”, Cathy coined the term “PETS” (Process Enhancement Technologies and Services) to describe certain applications because they provide efficiency and productivity enhancement to ERP systems, particularly in HR and Payroll.

All of this led me to consider SpinifexIT’s own “PETS shop” – our own product suite that enables you to more quickly and better utilise your SAP HCM and Payroll data. Easy Help Desk (EHD), our SAP certified add-on designed to solve employee queries in SAP HCM and Payroll fits perfectly in the definition of PETS.

Consider the typical way an employee query is solved by shared service centre agents today: An employee asks a question and the agent assisting them assesses the question and then begins searching for the answer.

Most of the time, this takes too long to keep the employee on hold, so the issue is escalated and the employee is told, “We’ll get back to you.” Ultimately, this approach is inefficient, costly and not very effective in enhancing employee experience and trust in HR Services.

The solution to this is to turn the whole process around, and that is precisely what EHD does. The moment the employee is identified, EHD recreates and assembles their entire HR and Payroll history. When a pay period is selected, EHD automatically looks for ‘what is special about this particular payslip?’ Every exception that deviates from the normal gross-to-net path is identified, prioritised for relevance and presented to the agent. Within seconds, the agent has all the data required to answer the employee question right in front of him.

Where the traditional method was inefficient, EHD is all about efficiency. A 2014 EHD roll-out at a global HR and Payroll provider resulted in a 12% higher first call resolution rate by agents and a 24% increase in customer/employee satisfaction. EHD provides significant improvements in both productivity and process efficiency.

Apologies to my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Fidou, but I think Easy Help Desk is my new favourite PET.