It’s Never Too Soon For Spring Cleaning

By Posted January 17th, 2014

spring-cleanupThis may sound a bit premature given the recent Polar Vortex, but I’m ready for spring!  Perhaps it is because it was SO COLD here in Michigan recently or because we have had three times the amount of snow over last year already, but being cooped up indoors has made me have a cleaning itch recently!  This doesn’t usually happen till closer to spring – maybe late-February, early March – but I’m ready now!

All of this got me thinking. Not only do I typically clean and organize my house, my office, etc., in the spring, but I try to optimize my computer and files, too.  This led to further thoughts of cleaning things up, and organizing things at work.  You know all of those quick reports that you wrote for this manager or that manager that were a one-time thing (or so you thought)?  Or what about those other ad-hoc reports you wrote that you never could get quite right?  There could be literally hundreds of those in your arsenal.

Much like the spring cleaning I have been dreaming about, it’s time for you to take an inventory of all those reports you have, consolidate them, and then, after you have streamlined the list – start to migrate them over to much easier-to-use Easy Reporter reports!  If you use Easy Reporter, you’ll have a much easier way to maintain and enhance them in the future and you’ll be on your way to getting away from the old-school ad-hoc queries you were using before.  Maybe during your consolidation and migration, you’ll even find ways to combine reports that you were not able to in ad hoc query because data there prohibited you from getting info from multiple areas of SAP HR.

Now that you’re digging out from the exhausting year-end processes, start your spring cleaning early – and make your life more efficient!  Brush off your Easy Reporter skills and practice by making new reports to replace the antiquated ones!  Trust me … you’ll feel so much better after you get things back under control.

If you need help catching up on those skills you learned a while ago in your Easy Reporter or Easy Documents classes, give us a call. We’d love to help you organize and streamline your processes through a refresher class. We can even help you migrate those old reports to Easy Reporter. That’s why we’re here and we’d love to help you get a head start on your spring organizing. Happy Spring (well almost, anyway)!