It IS easy being green!

By Posted November 9th, 2012

Green. The color has taken on many meanings over the years. Some use it to describe money. Others to describe a lack of experience. But, over the last 30 years, the color green has also become synonymous with environmental responsibility. Kermit the Frog once famously sang “It’s Not Easy Being Green”, but with today’s technology and focus on renewal and recycling, the reality is that it has never been easier.

I was speaking with an SAP customer at an ASUG meeting this week and we began talking about how to reduce the mountains of paper her company produces in reports and documents every year. Like many, her company still has a paper-based culture. If you need a report, print it. If you attend a meeting, provide paper handouts to everyone. Even payroll is not immune. While companies have done an impressive job of encouraging employees to use direct deposit for their paychecks (66% of eligible US employees use direct deposit today), the environmental cost of printing and distributing checks is still enormous. According to the Electronic Payments Association, printing and distributing paper checks consumes 674 million gallons of fuel and adds 3.6 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year. If you add the cost of printed reports and documents, that number increases exponentially. That is most definitely NOT green!

For SAP HR and Payroll customers like the ones I was talking to this week, there are options to help reduce paper output. Solutions like Easy Reporter, Easy Documents, and Easy Help Desk are designed to not only make it easier to produce comprehensive output from SAP HR and Payroll, but also to effortlessly distribute the output electronically. Why print and distribute 5,000 employee correspondences when you can generate them directly from SAP and email them to employees! Reports that are printed, collated and distributed to managers today can be automatically run, parsed, and emailed to those same managers.

There are many additional ways SpinifexIT solutions can help your company reduce costs and save time Рand even go green and we encourage you to contact us for a demo.  For our customers who are already taking advantage of our solutions to reduce paper output, they know it IS easy being green!