Is SpinifexIT’s Easy Help Desk a Competitor to a Ticket Tracking System for Payroll Departments?

By Posted January 28th, 2016

One of the most common questions we get about  Easy Help Desk is “Is it a competitor to a ticket tracking system like Remedy or Salesforce that’s designed for HR and Payroll Departments?” The answer to this is a resounding no!

Ticket tracking systems like Remedy or Salesforce are designed to track “incidents” or “case logging” including date of case creation, case manager, how long it takes to complete, recording the solution, etc.

SpinifexIT’s Easy Help Desk does none of those things. What it does is provide you with the tools to research answers to possible questions that may come into a Help Desk related to an employee. Easy Help Desk simplifies SAP Payroll help desk processes by allowing users to research and resolve employee payroll queries from a single screen inside of SAP. Easy Help Desk empowers the first tier of payroll support to answer more questions, allowing your more skilled support personnel to spend time resolving your most difficult challenges.

Below is a sample of how an inquiry is often received and forwarded. Due to the intricate nature of SAP, a user investigating a query will often need to look in multiple places (like the ones in the list below) to identify an answer.


• Maintain or Display Master Data (Transaction Code PA30 or PA20)
• Wage Type Reporter (Transaction Code PC00_M99_CLGA09)
• Ad Hoc Queries (Transaction Code SQ01)
• Data Browser (Transaction Code SE16)
• Posting Documents (Transaction Code PCP0)
• Custom ABAP Reports
• Employee Paycheck Stub

Each of the screens or utilities listed above requires the user to perform an investigation as to WHERE the problem may be and WHAT the problem may be. Each requires a certain degree of training and skill for use. Due to this complexity, inquiries from employees often get escalated to Tier 2 and Tier 3 resources for advanced investigation.

What Easy Help Desk does is it allows the Tier 1 user with no technical skills to answer these employee questions. Instead of searching for the WHERE and the WHY on multiple screens and utilities, Easy Help Desk provides this information directly to the user on a single screen.ehd_02

Our solution allows Tier 1 to answer complicated questions and work with employees to resolve the issue.

So the answer to the most common question “Is Easy Help Desk an authentic Help Desk tracking system?” is no. However what it does do is revolutionary and it can save your organization time, resources and money. We even have an ROI calculator to help you see how much money your organization can save using it.