In Case You Missed It: To Merge or Not To Merge?

By Posted July 3rd, 2017

In case you missed our recent webinar which talked about different data merging scenarios via Easy Reporter, we have included a link to the on-demand viewer for the session below:

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Here are some questions raised during the webinar: 


Where can I get more info about the report merging functionality?
The detailed information for this can be found in our Customer Support Portal. You may view the Merging Functionality article here. It’s also included in the master guide at Chapter 3. This guide was provided alongside the transport. We highly recommend that you join our Customer Care Portal to get easy access to our products knowledge base.
Can we have the wage types in separate columns instead of rows?
Yes. See the video at 31:18 for the demo.
Can we add the name for the totals for the scenario “Combining Payroll Results”?
Yes. See the video at 26:01 for the demo.
Is there a demo / trial period so we can see if Easy Reporter is the solution for us?
SpinifexIT can give custom demos for companies interested to check out the product. To request for one, please e-mail us at
If you have additional questions, please send us a note at and we’ll respond as soon as we can. Thank you for attending our webinar!
  • Alternatively, how many employees do your payroll / HR / recruitment processes?