In Case You Missed It: 2017.R2 Features Overview

By Posted July 24th, 2017

In case you missed our recent webinar about the new features and enhancements we released this July, you may watch the 0n-demand version on the link below:

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Here are some questions raised during the webinar: 

WEB UI – Do we need to be on a specific release to use Web UI and does the security work the same?

Yes, you have to get R2 2017. It uses the same security protocols in the backend. The configuration for the web report can be set so reports can be editable.

Easy Documents – Regarding the “from” email address for sending a document– if you don’t enter anything in that field, what email address is used?

As with Easy Reporter, the “from” address is optional, and if left blank, the system will use the email address associated with the user who is logged in and running the document.

Payroll Control Center – Do you have to be using Employee Central Payroll to run your payroll in the cloud in order to use payroll control center?  Or will it work for on-premise payroll?

The Payroll Control Center can be implemented for both ECP and on-premise payroll.

Payroll Control Center – You mentioned that implementing the payroll control center works best if you have declustered your payroll results.  Why is that?

Once key reason to use the PCC is it gives you the ability to run the exception checks against simulated payroll results, not just production mode, but you must have de-clustered results in order to do so.

Strato – You mentioned Strato as a document generator.  How is it different from Easy Documents?

Strato has more design capabilities such as margin properties, watermarks, page colors & backgrounds.  Because it is a ‘cloud’ product, there are no transports to apply; the “installation” is simply done with some configuration settings.  One limitation to Strato currently is it cannot generate graphs, but that is a planned enhancement.

If you have additional questions, please send us a note at and we’ll respond as soon as we can. Thank you for attending our webinar!
  • Alternatively, how many employees do your payroll / HR / recruitment processes?