If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

By Posted May 10th, 2013

BrokeAs I was preparing for a recent webinar and demonstration, something kept rattling around in my head … the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  I couldn’t get it out of my head. If we all followed this adage in everything we did, we might never find new and better ways to do things. It dawned on me that SpinifexIT solutions are made for those who want to challenge the very thing this adage stands for.

At SpinifexIT, we absolutely encourage you to challenge the status quo to get the best out of your system, your staff, and ultimately your budget.  If you think about it, many of you have written a great deal of custom ABAP reports to satisfy your unique reporting situations in SAP.  All of this occurs because what is delivered for reporting somehow doesn’t always meet everyone’s needs.  Throughout the years, you may have created virtually hundreds of different ABAP reports – going through the development cycle for each and every one. Then, perhaps hundreds of times more, you’ve had to go in and tweak these reports due to changes required by outside vendors, by department requests, or because of changes made to the base system in SAP related to upgrades or hot package changes which rendered your reports useless or simply not functioning any longer.  Each time you change the ABAP program or report, you have to fight for IT resources to make the changes and subsequently go through the entire development cycle again.

SpinifexIT users avoid the time, cost and stress that comes along with having to create, test and modify ABAP reports or, even more costly, having to rely on others to do it for them. Because SpinifexIT users create reports and documents by themselves (without ABAP!), they don’t have to rely on others to satisfy their reporting needs.

Each time you change the ABAP program or report, you have to fight for IT resources to make the changes and subsequently go through the entire development cycle again.
Let’s take it one step further. When I was working as an SAP Support Analyst, I couldn’t possibly estimate the number of times my users asked, “Why can’t you make the reports coming out of SAP more presentable?”  It truly frustrated everyone, all the way up to the President of the organization.  All management asked for was a professional, presentable report, and we had a difficult time providing it. To meet the expectations our stakeholders had, we had to resort to pulling the data out of SAP and using ancillary tools to ‘pretty them up’. SpinifexIT customers have the ability to add charts, graphics, logos, pretty fonts – all without taking data out of SAP or going through a development lifecycle. On top of that, our solutions allow you to save time by automatically emailing them to recipients directly from SAP.

There are many areas that our solutions like Easy Reporter and Easy Documents can help you with, including streamlining processes, saving time in report development, improving your access to your own data – and you can do it all right from SAP (no external programs or shadow tables involved!). I encourage you to consider the possibilities for your organization and review your HR/Payroll reporting processes to identify ways to save time, money and improve output. After all, your current reporting processes may not be broken, but you can definitely make them better!