HR2016 Recap: Where are SAP HCM customers in their journey to the cloud?

By Posted March 1st, 2016

At last week’s SAPinsider HR2016 conference in Las Vegas, the keynote opened with a live audience poll asking attendees where their companies were in their journey to the cloud.

While it appears that cloud adoption may be happening at a slower pace than expected, the survey did show an increase in the percentage (14%) of customers who are implementing or actively planning for the move in the future compared to last year’s survey. The percentage that self-identified as “non-cloud” was 21%.

Similar to last year’s poll, the most popular SuccessFactors modules appear to be Recruiting and Performance Management, with the least popular being Employee Central Payroll. SAP noted that of the approximately 1,000 customers that have purchased Employee Central, only 40% of those are live.

Many customers at the event indicated that because on-premise HCM was still their main priority at the moment, they were disappointed in the lack of SAP payroll content at the event and the abundance of SuccessFactors content was not applicable to them. Creating conference content to appeal to all types of users identified in that survey above is definitely a delicate balance.

From my interactions, I felt that the audience wanted reassurance and continuing education for the SAP on-premise solutions including HR, payroll, benefits and time first and foremost. There was also a large subset that wanted to learn more about on-premise/cloud hybrid landscapes since that is where many companies are headed.

The SAPinsider team does an amazing job managing the show and all of its moving parts. My favorite part is always the Ask the Experts forum. For two consecutive nights, they gather SAP experts from each of the different application areas and make them available for questions. It’s essentially free consulting from the best of the SAP best and I was able to share time with Luke Marson, Martin Gillet, Steve Bogner and other SAP Mentors and experts.

All in all, it was a great opportunity to network with existing customers and meet with potential customers who all got a glimpse of SpinifexIT’s solution roadmap. If you did not attend and want to get an update on SpinifexIT’s future direction, please contact me and I’ll be happy to chat with you.

I’m already looking forward to speaking at the HR2016 conference in Vienna this June. I hope to see you all there!