How to Easily Create Reports That Management Demands – A Timely Example

By Posted November 10th, 2014

How to Easily Create Reports That Management Demands – A Timely Example

Nick Kay’s recent blog postHR_Reporting talked about a ruling by the Employment Appeal Tribunal in the UK requiring employers to begin including overtime in holiday pay calculations. Nick outlined a hypothetical scenario in which a CFO might demand reports from the HR/Payroll team to help monitor the exposure.

In response to such a request from a CFO, I offer an outline of how to provide such a detailed report using SpinifexIT’s Easy Reporter. All a user would have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Create a new report in Easy Reporter by dragging the fields needed into the body of the report such as employee number, employee name, wage types associated with overtime from the payroll results clusters, department information, etc. Actually, you could choose to use the individual fields, or use Cumulation, Evaluation or Processing Classes. Either way, you can add columns together in Easy Reporter to get a total result.
  2. You then decide how to calculate the holiday pay using the standard calculation features in Easy Reporter.
  3. You select the payroll and periods needed for the report. That could be a range of rates or it could be a rolling period (i.e., the last xx months).
  4. Once the report has been created (including company logo, specific formatting, etc.), you just need to decide on the distribution method. For example, you can tell Easy Reporter to email the report output in a spreadsheet to the CFO to save yourself time.
  5. To help monitor the overtime/holiday pay costs going forward, you can even set up automated report distribution to the CFO and any other relevant stakeholders on a monthly basis. This way, they will remain aware of how much the company’s exposure is increasing each month.

This whole process would take less than 2 hours. No ABAP or technical skills required. Nice one, Easy Reporter!