How to Control Payroll Costs and Improve Internal Controls with Easy Reporter

By Posted April 8th, 2014

PayrollAs a longtime payroll professional, I have read a lot of articles on how to control payroll costs.  There are usually two strategies that they all mention:

  • Use time-saving tools that will allow your department more time to focus on issues
  • Improve internal controls

When I was a Payroll Manager (using SAP Payroll), we spent a lot of time running reports in order to validate the payroll results and internal controls. Since SAP does not really provide a comprehensive reporting tool for SAP Payroll, most of the reports I ran had to be extracted to Excel for further manipulations (filtering the data).

Easy Reporter is definitely a tool that can be used to “control Payroll costs”.  It is a time-saving tool and one that can be used to tighten internal controls.  I can think of two reports that can be written in a few minutes that can fit both criteria:

  • Excessive overtime report
  • Terminated employees who are still receiving pay

Both of these reports can be used to identify errors or possible fraud.  They can be created in minutes using Easy Reporter, allowing the Payroll staff to focus their energy on investigating the issues instead of manipulating data to arrive at the issues.  Below is an example of each of these reports created using Easy Reporter.

Excessive Overtime report – This report shows all employees with excessive overtime hours in a given period.  The period and filter are part of the selection criteria, so the Payroll department can select the period in question and what is considered “excessive”.  The report also includes the Org Unit and Cost Center.

Filter for Excessive hours:



Overtime Report:



You can drill down to the employee level:



Terminated Employees with Pay – This report is one of the 150 reports that are delivered with Easy Reporter. All pre-delivered reports can be modified to add or delete fields.



Easy Reporter can combine (in a single report) data from Personnel Administration, Organizational Management and Payroll.  The reports can be scheduled to run at a specific time and even delivered to the appropriate managers via e-mail.