How Quickly Can Your SAP HCM Reports Address Changes In Legislation?

By Posted November 8th, 2014

How Quickly Can Your SAP HCM Reports Address Changes In Legislation?

HR DataA recent ruling by the Employment Appeal Tribunal in the UK has caused waves in the business community. In summary, the ruling stated that – barring further appeal – employers would begin being required to include overtime in holiday pay. This is a change for many employers and brought to mind the reporting needs a company may face to discover what their exposure might be because of this ruling.

Imagine this scenario:

Your CFO calls you and says, “I need to know our potential exposure to backdated Holiday Pay claims if this case continues after the Employment Appeal Tribunal.” It’s a valid question and one you should be able to answer.

As an HR or SAP HCM professional, do you reply:

  1. “I think its possible – I can probably export the data from SAP ERP HCM to Excel, create a few pivot tables, manipulate the data and produce an unformatted spreadsheet. It should be correct. Oh and the monthly reports will be late as I’ll have to spend all my time trying to work out how to do this.”
  2. “No problem! Give me 3 weeks to spec the report / analysis and get the ABAP team to produce it.”
  3. “No problem – I’ll fire up Easy Reporter. What time this afternoon should I come by with the report?”

If you answered (3), then congratulations on being a SpinifexIT toolset user. If you answered (1) or (2), I urge you to visit us at the upcoming UK and Ireland SAP User Group Conference in Birmingham this month or contact us directly beforehand to find out how to change your answer to (3)!