Helping the Payroll Help Desk

By Posted June 18th, 2013

keep-calm-and-use-the-helpdesk-2So you’ve been live for SAP payroll for many months or even years.  In that time, you’ve become very comfortable that you know where all the data resides in your SAP system, and you feel that you can dig into payroll results and analyze retroactivity fairly well.  In addition, though you bounce those complicated employee requests along to your SAP support team fairly regularly, you’ve learned to answer your employees’ questions and to get things resolved eventually, right?

Well, I was in that situation. Like you, I lived it.  I thought the process was working OK, so there was no need to improve on it.  Now that I have a little hindsight, I can attest that many of your existing payroll support processes CAN be improved! With SpinifexIT’s Easy Help Desk, the days of performing complicated reviews of payroll results, printing all of those results and putting them side-by-side on your desk, or downloading them to Excel to try to figure out what the heck happened when Johnny Employee retro’d back 15 pay periods are finally a thing of the past. With Easy Help Desk, those retro situations are gathered, automatically analyzed, and presented to you in easy-to-read reports.

Easy Help Desk helps easily identify changes in payroll, including retroactivity.

Easy Help Desk helps easily identify changes in payroll, including retroactivity.

The best part is that because the analysis is right in front of you, you never have to bounce it to a higher lever support team member. You can leave the questions and calls to the first level support.  They can see, at a glance, what caused an employee to move into retroactivity and can quickly explain it to the employee while they are on the phone.  This saves both time and money for your organization (not to mention reduces frustration levels of both parties).  Better yet, a solution like Easy Help Desk will free up those higher-level (read: “more expensive”) resources to work on far more complicated issues for you.

To see brief videos of Easy Help Desk in action, click here

I challenge you to consider how your organization can improve its payroll support and reporting processes. If you are a visual learner like me, you can see Easy Help Desk in action at our upcoming June 26 webinar “Reduce the time you spend researching and resolving employee payroll question by up to 80%”. You can register for the free webinar here. Or, if you’d prefer a personalized demo for your team, just contact us and we’ll be happy to set one up for you. I think you’ll see why those of us with long SAP payroll backgrounds can’t imagine life without Easy Help Desk!