Helping HR Get the Right Information, Right Now (Part III)

By Posted May 28th, 2013

Understanding and meeting the unique demands of SAP HR reporting

The value of an SAP HR/Payroll organization is often measured by its ability to provide meaningful employee and payroll-related reporting on-demand. Yet, despite placing such an importance on timely and accurate reporting and distribution of data, many organizations fail to invest in the necessary solutions to produce the reports they need when they need them. This is the last of a three-part blog post that provides a guide to how SpinifexIT Easy Reporter can complement an organization’s existing reporting options, including SAP BW. Read Part I here and Part II here.


Running a business warehouse application requires a dedicated team of individuals that are trained to maintain data sources, build dashboards, and roll out queries. Business users in a BW scenario are typically limited to running queries. According to an ASUG survey, an average large organization maintains 5 full-time, dedicated resources to support its BW system after go-live*. In contrast, Easy Reporter’s intuitive user interface means that business users are capable of creating, scheduling and running their own queries – all without involving IT or development resources. Not only does this empower users, but it also benefits IT because resources that would normally be dedicated to supporting a reporting application can be redirected to projects with greater strategic value and importance.


According to an ASUG survey, growing organizations reported devoting 8.5% of their annual IT spend to their BW application and resources*
Along with investments in software and people, BW projects also typically include sizeable hardware and infrastructure investments. According to an ASUG survey, growing organizations reported devoting 8.5% of their annual IT spend to their BW application and resources*. Easy Reporter is accessed directly inside SAP and doesn’t require any additional hardware or interfaces, so the overhead and associated costs are low. Easy Reporter also requires no additional individual user licenses. Since annual maintenance for SpinifexIT solutions is a fixed percentage and covers all support and future product enhancements, it is easy to plan for the costs for many years to come.


Identifying the right reporting solution doesn’t have to conflict with existing systems or IT strategies. While it can be a challenge to justify the need for Easy Reporter when your IT leadership sees BW as the only requirement for HR/Payroll reporting, SpinifexIT’s solutions experts can help build a business case for Easy Reporter by detailing the benefits and outlining the return on investment our customers typically receive.

*Source: “ASUG and SAP Business Intelligence Benchmarking: Study Results”, March 4, 2009