Helping HR Get the Right Information, Right Now (Part II)

By Posted May 15th, 2013

Understanding and meeting the unique demands of SAP HR reporting

The value of an SAP HR/Payroll organization is often measured by its ability to provide meaningful employee and payroll-related reporting on-demand. Yet, despite placing such an importance on timely and accurate reporting and distribution of data, many organizations fail to invest in the necessary solutions to produce the reports they need when they need them. This is part two of a three-part blog post that provides a guide to how SpinifexIT Easy Reporter can complement an organization’s existing reporting options, including SAP BW. Read Part I here here.


It’s no secret that business warehouse implementations are lengthy and require the dedication of many top technical resources. Given the complexity and duration of a typical BW implementation, it can be months (or in some cases more than a year) before the business begins to reap the benefits of the project. As a contrast, Easy Reporter is installed via transport into an SAP landscape and is up and running in hours. Installation of Easy Reporter doesn’t require a formal project, outside consultants, or lengthy timelines. Many Easy Reporter customers install the software and begin using it in the same day. This equates to a much faster return on investment for your organization.


Customers who implement BW systems face significant planning efforts related to upgrades. They must consider the lifecycle and upgrade effort relative to their servers, operating systems, database, and of course, the BW software itself. Upgrades can become a costly and perpetual project cycle. All SpinifexIT solutions, including Easy Reporter, are enhanced with updated functionality up to four times each year and are tested by SpinifexIT for compatibility with the latest enhancement packs from SAP before they are released.

ASUG surveys have shown that an average large BW customer spends 32 days of development time per report produced*
Customers who wish to take advantage of the latest SpinifexIT release simply install a transport containing the new release, test, and then move the transport to their production system when they’re ready. Since SpinifexIT solutions reside in their own protected name space inside of SAP, updates to SAP ERP functionality such as hot packs, enhancement packages, or version upgrades will not overwrite program code. This reduces the overall testing effort each time your SAP landscape is modified.


Creating detailed HR/Payroll reports that incorporate payroll, time, and posting results along with organizational management data often requires custom development. Whether you’re developing queries in a BW system or writing custom ABAP code to perform transactional reporting in SAP ERP, it takes time and valuable resources to perform the work. ASUG surveys have shown that an average large BW customer spends 32 days of development time per report produced*. While custom ABAP reports can be written and tested more quickly than BW queries, they still consume resources and time that can be better used elsewhere.

Easy Reporter was designed to reduce or eliminate the need for custom report development by allowing end users to create reports that access HR master data, payroll and time results, organizational management data, and critical audit data that would otherwise require development to access. Easy Reporter’s drag-and-drop query functionality empowers users to do what only developers could do previously. The end result is not only efficiency and cost savings, but more satisfied users.

Next time, Part III of this post looks at key components of an SAP HR/Payroll reporting strategy, including empowering business users, reducing overhead costs, and making the final case for the right software.

*Source: “ASUG and SAP Business Intelligence Benchmarking: Study Results”, March 4, 2009