Helping HR Get the Right Information, Right Now (Part I)

By Posted May 2nd, 2013

Understanding and meeting the unique demands of SAP HR reporting

The value of an SAP HR/Payroll organization is often measured by its ability to provide meaningful employee and payroll-related reporting on-demand. Yet, despite placing such an importance on timely and accurate reporting and distribution of data, many organizations fail to invest in the necessary solutions to produce the reports they need when they need them. This is part one of a three-part blog post that provides a guide to how SpinifexIT Easy Reporter can complement an organization’s existing reporting options, including SAP BW.


Let’s review a scenario that may sound familiar. Your organization has invested heavily (both financially and in terms of resources and time) in an enterprise solution such as a business warehouse (BW) to support company-wide data reporting and analysis. The power and potential of BW reporting is undeniable, so the decision to implement BW was a good one for your company. With such a high profile investment, the expectation is that all of your business teams will fully utilize the new solution for query development.

The value of an SAP HR/Payroll organization is often measured by its ability to provide meaningful employee and payroll-related reporting on-demand.
After the lengthy BW implementation project, your HR/Payroll team realizes that real-time reporting will be difficult or impossible in BW without significant additional investment and development. On top of that, standard SAP query and reporting solutions don’t provide the functionality required to produce the reports that your business demands.

To create the detailed reports expected of it, HR/Payroll must carefully balance its reporting needs with the BW strategy the organization has chosen and demand the right tools to do the job.


When it comes to reporting on employee data and payroll activity, timing is critical. Whether it’s time and labor reporting, payroll and tax reconciliations, or queries related to benefits, compensation, or regulatory reporting, there is an inherent risk associated with reporting off of older, staged data.

It’s quite simple: Business activity doesn’t stop for a day or even an hour to allow you to run your reports. Data changes constantly and HR reporting must be timely to be relevant. SpinifexIT’s Easy Reporter resides directly inside SAP and uses real-time HR/Payroll data and results. The queries and reports you run in Easy Reporter reflect the state of your data at the very instant you run them, so you never have to wait for a data refresh or worry about what has changed since your BW was updated.


With the right resources and planning, a BW system can provide powerful, valuable data reporting and analysis. Historically, most BW systems have not been designed to produce real-time transactional HR/Payroll reporting. For SAP customers, Easy Reporter complements the dashboard and analytical reporting of BW by allowing the business to create, run, and distribute the reports they need without adding to an already overcrowded development queue. Easy Reporter allows HR/Payroll teams to own their reporting and to access detailed results and data more quickly and easily. Like BW, a real-time, transactional reporting solution such as Easy Reporter is an important component in a best practice SAP reporting strategy.

Next time, Part II of this post looks at key components of an SAP HR/Payroll reporting strategy, including implementation, upgrade effort, and reliance on development.