Great ways to enhance your user experience are included in SpinifexIT’s 2017.R2!

By Posted June 23rd, 2017

SpinifexIT is releasing a bunch of great new features and enhancements on their second release in 2017. Major improvements on the functionalities & usability of Easy Reporter and Strato abound! 2017.R2 will be officially released on July 21, 2017.


What’s New in Easy Reporter

Web Reporting Features

Say hello to a simplified UI! With Easy Reporter’s new Web Interface, you can easily navigate through the menus, view reports or documents, and even make basic modifications to your reports. Its drag & drop features offer a much easier way to choose, insert or hide your report’s fields.

The new screens also make it easier to enter in selection criteria, select variants and select different layouts.


SAP HANA Declustered Reporting

Start reporting data from the De-Cluster Tables (RT – WPBP – EVP – CRT). This new functionality supports all Payroll columns (RT Columns), the WPBP, CRT and RGDIR Tables. More information can be found in the user documentation.


And more for you!

Easy Reporter comes with new fields, payroll cluster tables and infotypes to help you create more meaningful reports. Some of the new infotypes include:

  • Province of Health Tax
  • Additional Post-Tax &  Inputed Income
  • Absence Donation Administration US
  • Performance Development Infotypes
  • Permanent Residence Address Report
  • And more localised fields

You will also be able to delete old delta runs, view data field references as you integrate the solution with SuccessFactors, and view more import options.

Variants within Easy Reporter can now include File Import Details. This will mean that a single report can have different import files that can be controlled from the variant.

If you are using the SuccessFactors integration add-on, the field menu generated from Employee Central has been simplified.  You can also double click on any Employee Central field to identify where it came from.


Integration with Payroll Control Center

SpinifexIT recently released a simple yet powerful integrator for SAP’s Payroll Control Center (PCC). This helps users ensure the integrity of their payroll by executing pre-delivered validation checks. Many of these are pre-built and delivered via Easy Reporter which can be deployed easily into the PCC menu. 

Phase 2 of this integration now allows users to drill down each error and display custom menus containing reports and documents for quick analysis of the issues.  These can be quickly setup within Easy Reporter. You may read more about our PCC integrated solution here.



What’s New in 2018 Strato

Integration with Easy Reporter

Strato On-Demand Document Generation (2018 Strato) gets bigger and better with its latest version. Combining Strato’s intuitive document creation and publishing features with powerful reporting tools enables document designers to create more meaningful payroll, employee & recruitment documents in just a few clicks.

Strato gets its fields and information from SAP SuccessFactors’ Employee Central and Recruiting fields. As of this release, it can also get information from SAP and Employee Central Payroll.

This upgrade adds more catalog options and fields for document designers. With Strato, they can generate letters and documents using Employee Data, Recruitment Data and Payroll information without switching interfaces. Check out the new Strato brochure here.


What Else?


Improved Easy Clone Performance

We made better ways to help you qualify your data! With its new features, Easy Clone enables you to choose the  data you would like to copy using a specific date range rather than pulling all records. It also allows you to copy employees by picking only the changed records since the last clone.  This makes the application perform better and faster during the copying process and enables you to get the precise data you needed. Easy Clone has also been modified to ensure that both infotypes 0002 and 0625 are scrambled similarly,  preventing any mismatch errors from occurring.


Easy Documents Enhancements

We’ve added the “From e-mail address” option in the E-mail details screen to allow users to customise which e-mail address they would like to release their documents and letters from. Quite handy for organisations who use multiple e-mail addresses per sub-department.


Easy Payment Summaries Optimisation

Run Payment Summary Reconciliation Reports faster and better with EPS latest enhancements. What changed? Reports can now be split so it runs several individual background jobs in the background in a shorter period of time. We’ve also added the following information into EPS’ Payment Summary Letter:

  • Manager’s name & signature in the cover letter
  • Document description on the ‘Information Tab


Easy Help Desk

HR Time Events (Infotype 2011) are now available. The infotype records are grouped under the Infotype Records > 2011 – Time Events folder and are sorted in descending date and time order.


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