Email Security Reminder: Beware of Scammers and Frauds Pretending to be SpinifexIT

By Posted August 23rd, 2017


Aside from the reminders above, here are some other ways scammers might work: 

  • Your business might receive an e-mail requesting a wire transfer to a new or different bank account. If you have received any form of new business arrangements, please bring this to our attention. 
  • They will not only imitate the domain, but also include the name of one of our Accounts officers.
  • They may copy our e-mail templates just to look genuine.

Additional reminders on how to handle potential scam emails: 

  • Do not verify by replying via e-mail nor call any of the numbers listed on the suspicious e-mail. Instead, call SpinifexIT directly at +61 3 9988 2883 (AU). 
  • Do not pay nor give any important information about your business until you’ve reached an official SpinifexIT personnel
  • Check with your IT department if your machine / server has encountered viruses or malware which could steal information from you
  • Once you’ve identified a fraudulent e-mail, ask your IT department to block it from contacting you further.
  • Click here for more ideas on how to protect yourself and your organisation against scams.