Eliminating the Burden of HR Report Distribution

By Posted June 27th, 2014

distributeEliminating the Burden of HR Report Distribution

One of the many cool things about Easy Reporter is its ability to automatically distribute reports. One of the most common uses of automated reports centers around unapproved time. Quite often, when a payroll or HR person is asked why someone didn’t get paid, the answer typically is “they forgot to enter time” or “their time was not approved”.

In this post, I will share a report I like to set up for customers to address this question that pulls all the time entries for the current pay period.  The example below uses CATS, but infotype 2010 would work as well.  I filter the report for all employees who either do not have time, or have a time status that is not approved.  Once these people are determined, I can then email the person responsible for their time the entries so they can act on it.

Easy Reporter

In the above screenshot (click any screenshot to view a larger size image), you can see that we have time entries that are not in an approval status.  These are the entries I wish to send to the appropriate time administrator. SAP already has some standard workflows for stuff like this if you are using the time administrator functionality, but for most customers I work with, it’s not that simple. In reality, time approval is often done using some complex level of security and it becomes a burden to implement with standard functionality. What my customers really want is a way to automatically notify these employees that there is time out there that requires action.

Easy ReporterWhat you didn’t see in the first screenshot was that I have mapped an email address based on the time administrator field. With Easy Reporter, we can use any field we wish to use as our basis for distribution.  In many cases, it’s not a simple field like time administrator. It could be the HR manager or someone else. It could also be a combination of fields. As long as we can get the value in our report, we can map the distribution by it.

Easy Reporter


Easy ReporterThis report, if created and distributed manually every two weeks (or every week) would likely take hours to produce as the distribution involved is typically heavy.  Our customers that get the most value from our solutions take advantage of this automated distribution functionality to save a lot of time and resources. As a former HRIS analyst who used to build and distribute this exact report on a weekly basis without Easy Reporter, I have a strong affinity for this functionality. I can’t believe I ever worked without it.  Happy Reporting!