Easy Payment Summaries Patch – Working Holiday Maker | Australia

By Posted June 5th, 2017

SAP has recently released a patch for Working Holiday Makers, following the earlier announcement from the ATO. Our solution Easy Payment Summarieshas been enhanced to match this recent update.

This short reminder will help you determine if you need to apply the Easy Payment Summaries patch, and what changes will be included upon its release.

Working Holiday Makers & Easy Payment Summaries

Do I need to apply the EPS patch?

Yes, especially if you have applied the SAP note 2425160.

If you have WHM and RFBT employees then we would certainly urge you to apply the change as you will notice that these employees can have multiple payment summaries based on this information.

Will EPS still work even without the latest patch?

Yes, you can continue to use the EPS reports and functionality.

Will the Customer need to be on 2017.R1 to get the patch?

No, the patch can be applied to older versions of EPS. We do recommend updating to the latest release to take advantage of other enhancements and changes. You may watch a webinar about the 2017.R1 updates here.

What changes will be included in the patch?

To view the detailed changes made by SAP to cater to the new legislation, please refer to SAP note 2425160.

The following changes will be in the EPS patch:

Wagetype Breakdown Report

  • New column to show separate values for FBT Exempt and FTP Non-Exempt
  • New column to specify income type – This will hold either “H” “S” or “P”
  • Print format document updated to show FBT Exempt and Non-Exempt
  • ATO File Reconciliation now caters for the additional fields (you will need to provide this new format for any WHM employees)

Payment Summary Reconciliation Report

  • New column to show separate values for FBT Exempt and FTP Non-Exempt

When can I get the EPS patch?

The patch will be available soon. We will send another communication on its release.

How can I get this patch?

You may request for a copy of the patch by submitting a ticket to https://spinifexit.zendesk.com/.

  • Click Submit a Request and complete the form
  • On your description, request for the “EPS Patch for Working Holiday Maker”
  • Select Easy Payment Summaries as your product, then choose your current version from the drop down list.
  • Our support agents will respond to you with the instructions.
Thank you.
SpinifexIT Australia